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is in Inverclyde! 

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Campaign Overview

We’re bringing our campaign to Inverclyde, one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland but also one of the worst areas for poverty and life expectancy. For our Inverclyde campaign, we will be travelling around the area, highlighting initiatives aiming to tackle poverty and obesity, as well as giving you more healthy eating and exercise tips. 

We’ll be creating a new series of £5 Challenge cooking videos in partnership with the Healthy Living Award to show you really cheap and easy recipes you can make with ingredients from your local convenience store, as well as some of Inverclyde Council’s most popular recipes from their school meals service! 

We’ll also be teaching secondary school pupils in the area how to make our recipes, promoting healthy eating! 

Our New Presenter
Rhys McCole

As part of our campaign in Inverclyde, we’ve got a new presenter! Rhys McCole from Greenock is an inspirational young man who has just left school!

As a boxer, Rhys is passionate about exercise and healthy eating, and will be sharing some of his top tips to keep you in shape and eating healthily! Rhys has also overcome 6 disabilities to win 3 national titles in boxing and was also an ambassador for the Year of Young People and SportScotland! Rhys has also been featured on BBC Breakfast and many national newspapers!

Launch Video

Why Inverclyde?

We’ve chosen to bring our campaign to Inverclyde in partnership with Muller Milk & Ingredients because Inverclyde is one of the most impoverished areas in Scotland, and we want to help!

Did you know that …
Nearly 1000 children in Inverclyde are living in poverty
A 10-year-old in
Inverclyde can expect to live to just 64
28% of school pupils in Inverclyde are eligible for free school meals compared to a national average of 20%
Inverclyde is the 2nd worst area for life expectancy
43% of the population of Inverclyde are in Fuel Poverty
1500 Adults & Children receive food parcels from Inverclyde Food Bank
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